The Afrifund Group
Management Information for Development
Professional individuals and partner organizations committed to success in development.

The professional network of is international with active members in North America, Europe, Africa, South Asia, Latin America

The database is Internet accessible. In its first phase the implementation was done using an open access Wiki. The ongoing development of the database is being phased to add functionality as the content matures.

The database embraces the concept of open access. Everyone is welcome to use and contribute to the common pool of information.

Information is only of management value when it is reliable. The content of the database is subject to validation by Afrifund Group network members.

Sharing information that is already known is better than ignoring existing data and repeating mistakes.
Why is it that the NORTH has doubled its wealth every 10 years for four decades and the SOUTH is about a half as wealthy as it was 40 years ago? By most standards, this would be described as failed development. One reason is that most people have little or no information about what is actually going on. There is no easily accessible useful and reliable management information. ....more

The Afrifund Groups TAAME Project
Transparency, Accounting and Accountability, and effective Monitoring and Evaluation (TAAME) is being launched using a mix of old experience and new technology. The process can change the Knowledge Dimension of Development, and then the performance of development. ....more

The AfriFund Database
An Internet accessible database of key information about development is being implemented. It was started in its first phase at the end of 2003. The goal is to put all the information that is needed to understand development performance into an "open access" system. The database content is designed to improve decision making, to help assess development performance and to make independent reliable management information for development easily available. ....more

About People and Organizations
The Afrifund Database is collecting information about people and organizations that are doing work in the relief and development segment of the global economy. This includes CBOs, NGOs, PVOs, FBOs - both formal and informal. ....about people ....about organizations

About Communities
Data about communities will be collected in the next phase so that the there is easier access to information about priority needs and better understanding of community potential. ....about communities

Development Issues
International socio-economic development is complex and there are thousands of issues. The database is host to a dialog about issues and ways in which problems can be addressed and solutions implemented. ....about development issues

The database is being organized so that there is much more information easily accessible about relief and development resource flows and the actual use of the resource

Database Reliability
The database reliability is ensured by a network of people who have the responsibilty for validating the information that is in the database. This is a continuing process with local peer review and international management oversight

Funding the Work - Profit in Development
The program is being implemented as efficiently and as low cost as possible. The group is engaging in some "for profit" activities to obtain resources including relief and development consulting, business plan consulting, speaking engagements, etc. In addition the database profits from sale of fairly traded coffee.
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